About Us


Solar energy; based on conversion of sunlight into energy is a technology. To take advantage of the sunlight today many technologies have been developed. Studies on utilization of solar energy gained momentum especially after the 1970s, solar energy systems in terms of cost of development and has advanced, environmentally clean source of energy has established itself as.

Ankara Solar Energy Construction Co. Domestic goods in Turkey in 2013, was established to make solar panel production.

Our company is largest manufacturer of PV panels in Turkey. Our production line is fully automatic latest European technology. Our quality and sevices are on top level.( NO HAND MADE).

Our policy is that European quality panels with very good price level.


Our company goals and corporate values ​​primarily in the quality of human resources, human resources in the most efficient manner değerlendirmekçalış AnlArImIzIn professional and personal development training is done in order to contribute also.
For the implementation of our management policies in an efficient manner; The basic philosophy of our company executives are all ‘human resources managers’ ought to be, have adopted. For that purpose by organizing training courses and seminars management with important information about the way we manage our department, we share the responsibilities of the authorities.
The country’s success as a leading manufacturer of solar energy systems also are kept at the forefront of institutionalism is not individuality. If we determine our goals in accordance with the Company’s objectives, but competent, knowledgeable, industry has also satisfied, experienced and service-oriented contact with employees who believe that. Our staff training, seminars and career planning business development with our work and to contribute to the motivation in the sector in line; not only a social element to our employees as a staff perspective heading towards a preferred company and are progressing towards a reputable company.



  • Sector by signing a long-term study, cheap systems for our people to produce a profitable enterprise
  • Firms line with our capacity and our ability to get our customers that our products and services to meet the expectations of international standards
  • Countries into the world economy as a priority and we can ensure the highest contribution in the amount
  • Our activities in an environmentally friendly way without harming nature, we have dealings with all individuals perform in harmony
  • We keep our existing and new products continuously to become entrepreneurs in the development of our activities with the district to provide
  • Managers and employees are proud to be a member of the partner and reliable, profitable, a company to be aware of our social responsibility