AS-B60 300-330W Bifacial Solar Panel


Ankara Solar AS-B60 300-330W Bifacial Solar Panel , the best sold and competitively priced polycrystalline modules of this kind offers exceptional value, reliability and energy output while reducing overall system costs.

With output up to 384Wp, superior low light performance as well as weather resistant reliability, it is renowned for its outstanding performance ratio and yield in kWh/kW (according to Photon Lab’s Outdoor Module Test). It is a classic poly module suitable for all applications from residential rooftop, commercial, public building, agricultural and industrial flat roofs to large scale ground-mounted solar plants.

CoO Turkey , AT.R , EUR.1 export certificate.

Type Bifacial Mono 60-cell Module
Output Up to 384Wp
Efficiency Up to 23,20%
Junction Box IP67
Weight 25.00 kg
Temp. Coefficients of Pmax -0.41%/℃


The solar industry not only looks to create new innovative ways to utilize the power of the sun’s rays but also aims to improve existing technology to become more efficient to solar customers. When a company is able to improve the outputs of an existing technology, it allows for that product to become more efficient for users and be offered at a lower price in some cases. AnkaraSolar offers bifacial solar panels that contain the ability to produce up to 20 percent more electricity than traditional solar panels.

Bifacial PV modules have the unique ability to produce electricity from direct sunlight exposure, as well as reflective light that has passed through the panels. When the sun shines onto the panels, light passes through the panels due to the glass surfaces. Instead of the traditional opaque backsheet, our glass frame allows sunlight into the back of the panels.

One benefit that bifacial solar panels has over other installation panels is the position of the arrays. Instead of having to be in the typical, south facing directions to generate the ideal outpout, bifacial solar panels have the ability to be installed vertically in an east to west direction. This essentially allows the bifacial solar panels to have two peak production times. The first peak is in the morning and the second one presents itself again in the afternoon. This is capable because bifacial panels allow for electricity to be produced from both sides of the panels optimizing the time of the sun in the east when it rises and the west when it begins to set.


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